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Since I found many web pages which say that the internet made them rich, a little while ago I asked myself how it is possible to make a living using the Internet. So I started to look for opportunities to make that possible. I spent a lot of time by reading many forums to find out which solution is real, which is scam, which one holds much money, which one is illegal etc.

Here I present 2 ways to earn money, which are both separately and together useful.

The first opportunity:

Web hosting. Nowadays the amount of web pages is rapidly growing. You don't have to be an expert to create a web page. If you can write a blog, you are able to build one. Furthermore, a lot of people have their own facebook or myspace profile, almost everybody has an e-mail address, but the own web page starts to spread only now. Why do more and more people need their own web page? Because there are no restrictions on your content. There are no moderators, so nobody will ban you if you're swearing, you may upload pictures or videos from last night's party uncensored. In other words you can publish anything you want. And now we have the opportunity to have a share from the millions others earn by webhosting. Such Internet packages sell like hotcakes, since they are excellent for businesses and for private purposes. So if our friends, relatives, acquaintances want a web page, let them buy from us instead of someone else. First you need to order Global Domain International's (GDI) product, which is an Internet service, you can not market it otherwise. The service ensures you to appear in the world of the internet and you can earn money with it. The package contains an own domain name, hosting service and a sitebuilder. The domain name is your web page's name. For example www.EarnMoneyOnTheInternet.ws or www.LeslieSmith.ws. The hosting service is, moreover all that is available from the internet. It is not necessary to download anything to your machine (just like in the case of a blog), it is accessible from anywhere and ready to edit. All you need is a computer and an internet connection. So it is a professional package. How is it possible to earn money with it? After you ordered the package for $10 monthly, you may recommend it to others and if they sign up GDI gives a share of their monthly fee. $1 after every person so the package is free after 10 sign-ups and you earn money with every person after that. You could earn $1000-2000 monthly with the system but this doesn't mean that you have to sell the package to all of the two thousand people. Those you signed up may sell the package and you receive money of it five levels deep. There is proof on the page below that the system works and more million people ordered this packet already and more thousand people order it daily. To the approximate computation of the earnings tere is a calculator. If you sign up only 4 people and they sign up another 4 people and so on until five levels (4x4x4x4x4), it means you earn about $1,300 in every month. It is free for 7 days.

For a more detailed description of GDI and it's income opportunity click on the "Start now" button.

Here are my proofs of earnings:

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The second opportunity:

Advertising. You can choose this if you don't want to affiliate others. You can register to Google AdSense using your website provided by GDI and you can earn money with paid advertisement. The popular adsense's usage is simple. All you need is a web page with content. When your web site is ready, you can register to adsense HERE, and if your page fulfils Google Program Policies, you can display google ads. And if somebody clicks on those ads you get your commission. You get paid from the money others pay to google to display their ads. These appear on your site, so you should place them like they were part of the content. That way more people will click the adverts. Google will analyze your page's content and provide the most relevant ads. I would mention some important things that are prohibited; exclusion is the reward for it.

Google is very clever, filters these out. In adsense the web site's rating is important. The more people look at your site the more people will click and you earn more money. So it does matter what kind of domain you use. I mean the free domains here, generally they look like this www.ourDomainName.free.net or www.free/ourDomainName.net. Free stands for the service provider's name who gave the free domain name. It is harder to get a good rating on these web pages, because a lot of the link directories won't allow submitting your page (that is essential to increase your rating). Here I would go back to GDI for they give a full domain name, so it is easier to get a good rating on your site; you can get a higher income by this. You can see why it is worth to combine the 2 opportunities. And I did not talk about the fact that it is better for your business if you order a GDI domain since it is easier to make your business more popular.

Good luck to earn more money!!!

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